The services I provide will be listed here with the corresponding price tag or fee. I mostly just do digital design and visual editing work…however, i will be adding services that isn’t digital or doesn’t involve designing also.

Graphic Designs:

Below you’ll find all the digital designs and visual editing services, i provide. At the moment the final result of all graphic designs will be exported and delivered in JPEG & PNG Format only.

  • Logo's - R150
  • Business Cards - R150
  • Banners - R150
  • Posters - R200
  • Invitations - R150
  • Logo on T-Shirts - R200
  • Pamphlets - R200
  • Photo Editing(VFX) - R250
  • Digital Painting - R150
    (Converting a pre-drawn sketch/portrait into a colorful digital painting.)
  • Website Designs - R1000 per page
    (using WordPress/Elementor)
    R1000 extra for domain & webhost registration


Below you’ll find all the services I provide that doesn’t involve designing. Sketches & Professional CV’s will be given in both physical and digital formats.

  • Sketches(Portrait) - R200
  • Professional CV Typing - R50
  • LTE Router(Wi-Fi) installation - R200


If you are interested in any of the services mentioned above, please let me know by sending me an e-mail by using the form below.

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