Pro Life vs Pro Choice : The Controversial Decision

Pro Life vs Pro Choice : The Controversial Decision

This is usually a very sensitive topic to talk about, but I’ll talk about it anyway. Many people still debate on the morality of an abortion, selfishness of an adoption and the ignorant mindset of blind acceptance. These days nobody really has sex because they deeply yearn to have a kid with the person they love. People usually just do it for the pleasure or because remaining a virgin into adulthood is seen as a red flag or an unattractive trait, especially in men. So, people crack under the pressure of what society wants from them and what is considered a norm or attractive. So many people do it to please others, to gain acceptance or so that they can put a stop to the constant ridicule. They basically do it to fit in and just like that, mistakes are made…quite literally. But then you get those that don’t care and are just being reckless unnecessarily, which happens a lot more often than you’d think.

But this article isn’t about what’s right and what’s wrong, neither will I try to convince you to choose one side over the other. It’s more of an insight into both mindsets, giving the reasons behind their actions. I’m writing this article in order to bridge the gap between each other’s differences and to promote a bit of understanding.

So let’s dive deeper into this subject, by exploring some of the possible misconceptions you might have and discovering the answers to a few questions that’s been bothering you. I’ll start off by listing the reasons for why a person would choose to be pro-life, and then the reasons why a person chooses to be pro-choice

Pro Life


Many pro-lifers believe that when they decide to keep the baby and raise it, they are doing the right thing by taking responsibility for their actions and owning up to their mistake.

They believe that the initial shock of an unexpected pregnancy will pass by and eventually you’ll see it as a blessing, that it was always meant to happen and that you’ll develop an unbreakable bond with your baby.

The love you’ll feel when you hold them in your arms the first time will be so magical, that you won’t want that feeling to ever go away, making it just so much more worth it. You’ll want to protect and cherish them for the rest of your life, taking care of them, loving them and giving them all they’ll ever need.


Many pro-lifers believe that getting an abortion is morally wrong and should never be an option, that no matter what the situation might be, there is never a valid reason to murder your unborn baby. That everyone deserves to experience life, and you have no right to take that opportunity away from them. So that they can also experience fun, love, joy and all the amazing things that life has to offer. By choosing to get an abortion, you’re just thinking about yourself and nobody else. Which is seen as a very selfish decision.

You also get pro-lifers that believe that you should only be having sex when you’re already married or doing it with the intend of having kids with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. If your intend is not to build a family, then you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

There are preventative measures that you should undergo, if you’re not ready for a family. Which is using condoms and birth control, or thirdly not having sexual intercourse. Lastly the most effective way to take into consideration, but is also usually permanent, is getting a vasectomy.

Impact on Society

Now let’s look at what impact your kid might have on society, if you decide to keep ‘em.

By deciding to keep the baby and to raise ‘em into the loving and responsible person you know they can be. You make it possible for them to become role models or someone that’ll change the world and help it in a positive way. Your kid might be the next president or political leader that will lead your country to flourish. They might be extremely smart and hard-working and could be the next Einstein or Elon Musk. A well-respected scientist, doctor, paramedic, firemen or policemen…someone that will discover the cure to fatal diseases or save many lives. They could be the one to advance technology to a point where it’ll make living a lot easier and simpler for many or make it possible for us or the next generation to explore the universe.

Pro Choice


You might believe that a pro-choicer is one of the most selfish people ever, when in fact it’s usually not the case. Yes, some people do get an abortion because they have to finish their studies or get their dream job first before taking on more responsibilities. It’s not always a selfish decision though, because you can’t take care of your child if you’re not financially stable or can’t provide the basic necessities. The “You can always study later” or “get that dream job anytime” saying doesn’t always apply, because taking care of a child isn’t something you can accomplish in a year or so. It’s a journey that can last a life time. Because later on you might not have the money or opportunity to study. Your financial aid or scholarship might only be valid for a certain time period. They might not give you that job because you need to be a certain age or be freshly graduated.

Even when you are accepted and decide to keep ‘em, you end up juggling between being a parent and a student, causing overwhelming stress and fatigue. Which can make you lose focus and motivation, and so you end up failing or giving up. Some parents end up focusing too much on their job and neglect their child in the process, therefore that unbreakable bond is never established. Getting that perfect balance isn’t an easy task either, nor is it always possible.

Many pro-lifers believe that getting an abortion is one of the easiest decisions to make for a pro-choicer, when in fact most of the time it’s one of the most difficult decisions to ever make. When a person goes for an abortion they have to live with the consequences for the rest of their life, and the guilt, regret and thoughts of “what if” will stay with them forever. Society will always look down on them for the choice they made as well.

A pro-lifer might believe that keeping the child is the best decision and that you will in fact love them. But that’s not always the case, because many parents blame their children for their life turning out so badly and that they couldn’t achieve their goals or enjoy life to the fullest because they had to take care of the baby.  This is why many children feel unloved, alone, like everything is their fault and that they’ll never be good enough. So not every person is meant to be a parent or cut out for it, because you get those that are emotionally, mentally and physically abusive towards their kids and many children have to endure that pain and suffering.


Many pro-lifers will guilt trip a pro-choicer by saying that it’s morally wrong to get an abortion, and that you’re not supposed to decide that fate on behalf of someone else…especially when that someone can’t decide for themselves. And yet, pro-lifers neglect to realize the fact that they are doing the same thing…they are also deciding on behalf of someone that can’t make that choice…when pro-lifers decide to give birth. Did they ask the baby if they want to live, not likely. So how would they know that someone would’ve wanted life to begin with?

So many kids, teens and adults live with debilitating mental disorders like depression and anxiety. It’s a constant battle of survival and can get so bad that they’re even willing to take their own lives, and can you blame them. Life is already hard as it is, just imagine how much worse it must be for them. Depression makes life unbearable to a point where they’re unable to feel happiness, joy or love and even if they tried to do the things that’s supposed to make them feel better, it doesn’t work. Some even feel guilty when they have fun or do things that used to bring them joy. Anxiety can leave a person so scared and paranoid that they’re physically unable to do basic tasks. Tasks that include socializing, communicating effectively or going out in public. The world is a very dangerous place after all and some people experience that reality a lot more harshly than those that don’t have anxiety or aren’t constantly under threat. So yeah, life isn’t always just gonna be rainbows and sunshine, most of the time you have to deal with heartbreak, anger, sadness, fear and rejection.

Many pro-choicers will tell you that there are also quite alota risks involved with giving birth…not only to the one giving birth, but also to the child. Many females have died while giving birth, either because they weren’t strong enough or something went wrong during the process. Giving birth is also one of the most painful experiences one can go through. Some babies are born pre-maturely and some are born with defects that either make them not live for very long or makes life for them extremely difficult.

Sex wasn’t even planned for some woman, for some it was forced on them. So, giving birth to a baby that will constantly remind you of the person that took advantage of them, will surely have a really negative impact on the victim. The person that forced sex on you could’ve had a disease like Aids, and therefore the baby could be effected as well. Which would in return, make the baby live a life of suffering really early on.

Impact on Society

Just like your kid has the potential to become an amazing and influential person one day, the pro-choicer will tell you that it’s a lot more likely for that person to become the complete opposite of what you expected. They could become one of the most awful people, someone that’s sole purpose in life is to do whatever they want, no matter the negative consequences it has on society or who they have to hurt to accomplish it. They could become the most corrupt individuals, the next Hitler or Bin Laden, someone who will be very destructive, narcissistic and blood thirsty. No one will be able to stop their bloodshed until it’s far too late.

Having kids in a poor or rough neighborhood can also be a very bad idea, the majority of them usually end up becoming drug addicts/dealers, dangerous alcoholics or gangsters. And because they are raised in such an environment, it’s very easy for them to become criminals as well…through stealing, forcing their way and killing in order to get what they want or need.


Every action has a consequence, and eventually you’ll know whether your actions were worth it or not. The world isn’t as black and white as it might appear. Many people go through life having to deal with tough decisions, and sometimes it’s difficult to understand the reasons or grasp just why others react the way they do. We are all born with different standards and ideals. So you can’t convince someone to think like you, when they’re not you. Your idea of “normal” might seem insane to someone else.

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